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Seven ways to work out if your nutrition is working… #1

For some people, they can tell if their nutrition plan is working because they can see the numbers on the scale dropping week by week.  Some people purely look at their sports performance as a gauge of if their nutrition plan is working or not.

But constantly getting on the scales and measuring sports performance aren’t strategies that work for everyone.

Over the next few articles we’ll be outlining some of the ways we help our clients figure out if their nutrition plan is working or not without needing to step on the scales or even care that much about performance in or out of the gym…

Are you satisfied after eating a meal?

Everyone knows that they don’t NEED to eat all the time, but if you’re constantly feeling hungry then that can be a hard thing to fight against.

Your body is incredibly smart and your gut should talk to your brain after eating to let it know that it’s got enough energy and can stop feeling hungry but super processed foods have a sneaky way of bypassing this so that even though you’ve probably got enough energy in your body from the chocolates, biscuits, pizza or ice cream your brain doesn’t recognise this and you’ll keep eating!

How can you tell if you’re making progress?

Are you feeling full (not stuffed) after eating a meal?  

Are your meals made up of identifiable foods like meat, fish, vegetables and starches?  

Are you taking time to chew your food and enjoy the process of eating? 

Do you feel like you’re calmer and you have fewer energy dips throughout the day?

Getting your body to recognise that it’s had enough food by merely adding in more real food is often a powerful first step towards building a healthier relationship with food that has to precede any fat loss goals.

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