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Should we be panicking?

The short answer is no, there is no reason to panic right now – we’ve got a whole load of plans already laid out that cover every eventuality that we can think of.  

We have a unique position as part of a worldwide group of gym owners under the Two Brain Business umbrella, and these plans have been developed alongside hundreds of other gym owners from across the world.

When the first lockdown happened on March 23rd the whole world was left playing catch up, but when we reopened on July 25th we were able to be ahead of the curve in what we were doing.

We have always had a fully functioning track and trace system in the form of a booking system for all classes and appointments at the gym, but since the doors have been reopened we have added:

  • – Mandatory temperature checks for everyone in the building upon arrival
  • – Enhanced COVID-19 specific waivers for all members to sign ahead of coming to the gym
  • – Hand sanitiser being a requirement before entering the gym
  • – Super hot steam cleaning of all equipment that has been used after every session
  • – A hospital grade floor steriliser that is used at least 3 times a day
  • – More equipment to reduce sharing
  • – Specified arrival slots
  • – Tailored programmeming that minimises bottlenecks inside the gym
  • – Class timings that reduce crowds of people congregating anywhere
  • – Workout zones that have a maximum capacity of 6 to maintain social distancing

With these enhanced safety protocols and shared responsibility, between staff and members, for everyone’s health and safety we have heard members repeatedly say things like:

“Of all the places I go, I feel the safest here”

“I love coming here because everyone is looking out for everyone else”

“The gym is my sanctuary while the world is going mad”

We know that Boris Johnson is due to address a press conference at 1700 today as there have been news leaks around the idea of an imminent second national lockdown. Following this we will be able to provide more information about exactly what we will and will not be doing in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, don’t panic – we’ve got this!

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