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Seven ways to work out if your nutrition is working… #3

For some people, they can tell if their nutrition plan is working because they can see the numbers on the scale dropping week by week.  Some people purely look at their sports performance as a gauge of if their nutrition plan is working or not.

But constantly getting on the scales and measuring sports performance aren’t strategies that work for everyone.

Over the next few articles we’ll be outlining some of the ways we help our clients figure out if their nutrition plan is working or not without needing to step on the scales or even care that much about performance in or out of the gym…

Is your sleep better than before?

As you start to fuel your body appropriately and keep your stress levels in check you may well start to sleep better.

It’s not normal for your body to lay awake at night when it should be asleep, tossing and turning with your mind racing.

Sometimes there are life events that will get in the way of 7-9 hours of unbroken sleep such as becoming a new parent, jet lag or hormonal changes, but things like turning screens off (or wearing blue light blocking glasses), limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption and eating enough protein are all under your control.

How can you tell if you’re making progress?

Your diet contains more whole foods which give you a chance at making more happy brain chemicals and keeping your blood sugar more balanced during the day.

Your body is not always in fight or flight mode so you can wind down more easily in the evenings.

As your sleep patterns improve and your energy intake is more balanced your body will be more able to make the changes that you want it to make.

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