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What are decisions?

At SC FIT we are not into body shaming. We think the practice is deplorable and love working with clients on a daily basis who are trying to change something about themselves. If you don’t want to change then that’s okay because it’s not out place (or anyone else’s) to tell people what should make them happy.

With that being said, we are also not keen on excuses and enabling. If you have a problem and don’t start to take steps to make changes then that’s a different thing altogether. At the end of the day, everything is a choice – if you say that fat loss is your main priority then you need to line up your behaviours with that and it probably means not having dessert every day. If you really want to get stronger then it probably means pushing harder on heavier weights than you are used to. Maybe your priority is work, or your kids, or something from a whole range of other things – and that’s totally fine.

But if something is truly a priority then your behaviours need to line up with it.

Actions speak louder than words, and excuses get you nowhere

⁣Everything is a choice, and if you want to get somewhere that you are not currently you have to make a change. We’re not saying it will be easy, it won’t, change never is. But when the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change that is when we will change. So how high is your pain threshold? ⁣How much effort are you willing to put into changing something?

⁣Right now we know that stress levels are running high and 2020 has been a crazy year, but there are still people all over the world making progress towards their goals. Throughout history people have been in worse situations that we’ve faced this year and have come through the other side.

Just remember, every decision you make is a choice. Choosing to move towards your goals or choosing to stay where you are. It could be time to book a FREE No Sweat Intro to see how we can help you with some of those decisions.

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