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What sort of training is right for me?

This feels like a very loaded question but at the same time is a very flawed question. 

Imagine asking a golfer which club is right to use without any context…

You wouldn’t ask a carpenter which hammer was right for the job without talking about what the job was…

The sort of training that is right for you varies.

It can vary by what your energy levels are like on a day to day basis.

It will vary over the longer term by what your goals are.

It should vary so that you can always be making progress.

The variety that you seek should not be confused with randomness, but should be part of a bigger picture.

Variety could be as simple as changing the time of day that you workout or the objects that you use to life – swapping from barbells to kettlebells for example.

Variety could be taking someone who has a massive endurance background and challenging them with heavier weights for a few reps to help them build strength and prevent injuries in the future.

We know that the human body can do a limited range of things – to borrow from Dan John – it can squat, hinge, push, pull and carry.  And then virtually every single movement you can think of is either one of those or a blend of a few of those.

Whilst we are firmly in favour of teaching everyone to squat in some form it doesnt mean that everyone should squat the same – that would be ignoring the differences in everything from how long someone has been training, what their anthropometrics (how long different segments of their body are) are or what their goals are.

That’s just a brief example meant to illustrate the concept that you might walk into SCFIT and see a group of people all training together but doing slightly different versions of a similar looking exercise.  Our coaching staff are constantly working with clients to help them out once they’re training with us, but as part of your No Sweat Intro we’ll start the discussion of who you are and what you want so that we can start customising your experience from the very start.

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