Countdown to Friday Night Lights

Back in December we shared a blog post explaining what to expect with the upcoming CrossFit Open and, importantly, what we’re doing here at SCFIT! For the full lowdown on The SCFIT Intramural Open, be sure to check out that post here!

Now, we’re back with more details, because the first Friday Night Lights of 2023 is just around the corner!

I missed the last blog post. What’s the summary?

So as a quick highlight reel, here’s what you need to know so far:

The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is the first, open-to-all, qualifying round for the annual CrossFit Games
• For serious competitors and budding Games athletes, the Open is the first step in the path towards being The Fittest On Earth!
• For hundreds of thousands of other CrossFitters around the globe, the Open is an awesome and inclusive community spectacle, and a chance to be a part of and celebrate the wider CrossFit community
• It consists of three CrossFit workouts (with various options and scales to suit everyone) released over three weeks
• If you would like to submit your workouts scores and join the worldwide CrossFit leaderboard, you can register for The Open here.

The Intramural Open

• Think of this as SCFIT’s extra layer of community spirit and fun added to The CrossFit Open!
• The focus is on getting involved, giving the workouts a go, and supporting your community
• Participants will be assigned to big teams (like a throwdown!) where you can earn points for your squad in various ways (keep reading…)
• You don’t need to be registered for the official CrossFit Open to take part, but it is encouraged!

CrossFit Open SCFIT 1 1
The 2022 Intramural Open at SCFIT

So what exactly is Friday Night Lights?

This is where it all happens. Each Friday for the 3 weeks of The Open, we will be running our famous ‘Friday Night Lights’. The usual timetable on Friday afternoons and evenings will be temporarily suspended, replaced with bookable slots running in mixed-ability heats for members to come down and have a go at their chosen version of the Open workout at a time to suit them! 

How do I book a slot?

Exact heat timings won’t be confirmed until the day, because we don’t know how long each workout is going to be – or what kit is required! But rest assured, as soon as the workout is released, the SCFIT Team will get planning to confirm how many members can take part in the workout at a time, and how long is required for each heat.

However – the team have already put together a provisional timings sheet here for week 1, where you can register your details and request your preferred slot!

CrossFit Open SCFIT 2
Coach Oscar counting reps

Tell me more about the Teams!

Members will form 3 teams, each named after previous locations of the CrossFit Games: Aromas, Carson, and Madison. Your team captains are as follows:

Aromas: Sarah McHugh
Carson: Donna Davies
Madison: Sam Marchant & Cliff Darby

Team members can earn points for their team in a variety of ways:

  • 3 points for completing the workout at Friday Night Lights
  • 2 points for completing the workout at another time (in case you can’t make the Friday!)
  • 1 point for judging someone from your own team
  • 2 points for winning a ‘head to head’
  • 1 point for losing a ‘head to head’

Bonus points will also be awarded at the coaches’ discretion for those who go above and beyond, truly embrace the community vibe and spirit of the Intramural Open!

What’s a Head to Head?

This is simply a fun way to up the competitive spirit! Challenge a fellow member to a head-to-head by completing the workout at the same time, and automatically earn a point for your team! Win, and you’ll get an additional point! Members do not need to be completing the same version of the workout – the winner is determined by the fastest time / most reps, regardless of their chosen scale.

How do I join a Team?

Simply sign up for Week 1 using this form here, and you will be assigned to a Team!

I’m nervous… is this for me?

The short answer? ABSOLUTELY, yes. If you still have questions though or feel unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or chat to a coach when you’re next in the gym!

So there you have it… now to countdown to the first Friday Night Lights! We can’t wait to see you all there.

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