The CrossFit Games

The 2024 CrossFit Games Season: An Update

Earlier this month we shared an article on what we know about the 2024 CrossFit Games season so far.

Since then, there have been some major announcement and updates, revealing more details about what to expect for the upcoming competitive season. Read on to find out more!


We knew that the Games would be moving to Fort Worth, Texas, and we had the dates for the live finals. We also knew that there were significant changes to the Teens, Masters and Adaptive categories, with new plans to hold live finals as stand-alone events (rather than taking place on the same weekend at the CrossFit Games). BUT… the rest was pure speculation. We didn’t know the dates of the CrossFit Open, or the shape of the next qualifying rounds… but ponder no further, because we have news for you!

CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Open

Hundreds of thousands of CrossFit athletes (professional and amateur alike!) will no doubt be pleased to know that the Open will run in the exact format as last year. The clue is in the name: the CrossFit Open is the first, open-to-all qualifying round of the CrossFit Games season. Athletes around the globe will be able to sign up, with no pre-requisites needed, and take part in a series of three workouts spread across three weeks. There will be various categories as previous years, so participants can choose the most appropriate workout version for themselves. Key dates to note are as follows:

  • CrossFit Open Registration Begins: January 9th 2024

Note that registration is only compulsory if athletes wish to submit their scores online, and see their placing in the worldwide leaderboard. Whilst we encourage signing up (because it’s pretty awesome being part of something so huge!), it’s important to remember that there is no requirement to officially ‘sign up’ to be able to join in on The Open workouts at SCFIT.

The Open

The 3 Open workouts are released on a Thursday (US time), meaning here in the UK we should be able to catch the live announcements during our Thursday evening! Stay tuned for exact details on timings nearer the event. Athletes then have from time of release until the following Monday (3 days) to take part and complete the workout, submitting scores online before the cut-off. The dates for the three workouts will be as follows:

  • Workout 24.1: February 29th – March 4th
  • Workout 24.2: March 7th – 11th
  • Workout 24.3: March 14th – 18th

Quarter Finals

Qualifying athletes will be invited to take part in Online Quarter finals, as previous years! BUT, this year we are seeing a big change – instead of the usual ‘Top 10%’ making it to Quarters, CrossFit HQ have announced that this time, the top 25% (both individuals and teams) will be in invited to this second round! This is a huge and exciting opportunity for thousands of athletes who, in previous years, have missed out on the opportunity to take part in Quarters. We expect to see more challenging movements and heavier weights in the Quarter Finals workouts than those featured in The Open.

  • Quarterfinal Registration Begins: April 1st 2024
  • Team Quarterfinal: April 3rd – 8th
  • Individual Quarterfinal: April 17th – 22nd

Semi Finals

Whilst qualifying numbers have gone up for Quarter, they have gone down for Semis! The third qualifying round for the CrossFit Games, the Semi Finals, will take place at various in-person events around the world as previous years. Qualifying for this stage is no easy feat, and this time will be no exception, with only the top 40 male and female athletes from each region and the top 30 teams being invited to take part (vs 60 individuals last year). This narrowing of the field will see the competition grow tougher across the board!

Similar to last year, all programmeming will be done by CrossFit and consistent across each Semi Final. Dates and locations for the CrossFit Semi Finals will be released at a later date – so keep your eyes peeled!


So there we have it – the lowdown on the lead up to the CrossFit Games! More more info check out the CrossFit Games site. Stay tuned for more details as the announcements continue, and for important updates of what we will be doing at SCFIT and how you can get involved!

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