Finding Balance

Finding Balance: Incorporating CrossFit into a Busy Lifestyle

In the whirlwind that is modern life, the pursuit of fitness often collides with a jam-packed schedule and some demanding commitments.

However, CrossFit, known for its higher intensity workouts and efficient programmeming, it offers a pathway for individuals striving to weave fitness into their busy routines. Understanding the time commitment of CrossFit and adopting strategies to create a healthy fitness routine with a busy schedule is key to success. Here at SCFIT we have a great class schedule that allows busy professionals to find balance in their routine, so they can create a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine around their busy schedule.

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Understanding CrossFit’s Time Commitment

CrossFit workouts typically last around 60 minutes, and it’s no different here at SCFIT all of our classes are 1 hour in length, which incorporate a warm-up, the Workout of the Day (WOD), strength or skill training and a cooldown. This structured format and experienced coaching allows for a comprehensive workout within a relatively short timeframe. Giving you time to fit in the class around your schedule.

Tips to Fit CrossFit into a Busy Schedule

  1. Prioritise Consistency Over Duration: Rather than fixating on lengthy workouts, focus on consistency. Even short, intense sessions can yield remarkable results. Commit to attending CrossFit classes regularly, picking days that you’ll regularly commit too, aiming for a schedule that aligns with your lifestyle.
  2. Optimise Lunch Breaks or Early Mornings: Utilising lunch breaks or early mornings for CrossFit sessions can help get you into that routine. Here at SCFIT we offer classes during the early hours of the morning, lunch time and for those needing a late night session after a busy day. Finding the time to fit it in when you’re not at work or have some free time especially when you’re a busy professional can help to kickstart your day with a workout or recharge and switch off from many of life’s stressors.
  3. Plan and Set Realistic Goals: Establish a workout plan that suits your schedule. Set achievable fitness goals aligned with the time you can dedicate to CrossFit. Create a structured routine that fits seamlessly into your daily or weekly timetable. Write down your perfect week and what a good week of training will look like for you. Once you have this, try it for a month see if it works to your schedule see how often you can hit a good week or even a perfect week for your goals.
  4. Leverage the Community Aspect: The supportive community within CrossFit gyms can be a catalyst for consistency. Engage with like-minded individuals, utilise accountability by talking about your goals with others in the gym, and draw motivation from the camaraderie fostered during workouts. There will be more people in that room than you think that have similar goals as you, you can bounce ideas off of one another and keep pushing each other in order to reach your goals.
  5. Make the Most of Personal Training: Maybe consider opting for personal training sessions tailored to your schedule and goals. Personalised guidance from expert coaches can optimise workout efficiency and adapt to your specific time constraints. Here at SCFIT we offer one to one coaching to target your goals. With experienced coaches creating directed training for you to best approach your goals.
  6. Time Management and Preparation: Efficiently manage your time by preparing for workouts in advance. Streamline your transition into and out of the gym to maximise the time spent on the workout itself. Use the weekend, perhaps Sunday evening to prepare for the week ahead. Get your training kit ready for the sessions you’ll do. Pick which class on which day you’ll attend and block out that time in your calendar. Preparation is key; failure to prepare, prepare to fail! Without positive intention towards your actions achieving your goals is much harder.

The Impact of a Balanced Approach

Balancing a demanding schedule with a commitment to CrossFit isn’t just about finding time; it’s about optimising it. The adaptability of CrossFit workouts with experienced coaching supporting you will allow you to make the most of these workouts. During classes coaches can tailor workouts to the demands you need but also the energy you have depending on your workload, ensuring that fitness and your goals are hit at an effective dose to support your lifestyle. It’s great to get an intense workout in, but if your left feeling drained and not wanting to return for a few days then this isn’t going to support your goals of coming in multiple times and progressing.

By prioritising consistency, coming multiple days in the week leveraging shorter yet intense workouts and embracing the supportive community, individuals can navigate the intersection of a busy lifestyle and fitness aspirations. It’s the dedication to incorporating fitness into daily routines that fosters holistic well-being and success in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

In Conclusion

CrossFit isn’t solely a workout regimen; it’s a lifestyle adaptable to the time constraints of busy individuals. Finding the balance between commitments and fitness goals is achievable through strategic planning, commitment and a supportive environment.

Embrace the journey, optimise your time, and witness the transformation that arises from adding in CrossFit to a busy schedule.

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