What’s New at SCFIT 3.0? Part 2: Front of House

After years (quite literally) of looking for units, followed by months of planning, building, painting and preparing, we are SO excited to finally be in the new space! But it isn’t just the address that’s new: we’ve heavily invested in creating a gym for the members, which includes some changes and new additions to the gym floor layout, the equipment, and the areas behind the scenes!

Last week we started by taking a dive into the shiny new kit and equipment that you’ll see on the gym floor, and now we’re launching into exploring what’s new beyond the class areas at SCFIT 3.0!

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1. Open Plan Meeting Space

We have a new open plan meeting space, adorned with living greenery, for No Sweat Intros (Introductory meets for prospective new members), Goal Setting Meetings, Programmeming Consultations and Nutrition 1-2-1s! This new open plan area will be the perfect space to sit down whilst still being able to witness the action out on the gym floor!

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The plants! We’ve gathered plants from staff and members (plus a few new extras because they were just so darn perfect for hanging!) to create the stunning green space. If you’d like to donate a plant (or if you’d like a cutting from one…!) speak to Adele next time you’re in the gym!

2. Water Fountain

Now technically this is on the gym floor…. But you will now find, conveniently located in the corner of the gym, a water fountain! It might seem like a small addition, but it forms part of a bigger ‘greener’ picture of your new SCFIT gym. We’re hoping the fountain will not only keep you all hydrated, but will help reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles by encouraging members to bring refillable ones. 

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For those who do decide to purchase a bottled or canned drink, we’ve got a new recycling system in place, so you can rest assured we’ve got all bases covered!

3. Facilities

We’ve done away with segregated changing rooms for men and women and introduced a changing village instead! We have two single-occupancy shower pods each with changing space, two dry-change pods and two toilet cubicles, as well as a fully accessible wet-room with shower and toilet. Not only is the communal changing village more space efficient, but mean all of our members will have somewhere they feel comfortable to get ready in. We feel this is just one of the ways we can best serve our SCFIT community. 

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The hairdryers! No need to cram one in your bag anymore, as there will be SCFIT hairdryers on site for use by members after a post-workout shower.

4. Physio Room

SCFIT 3.0 is the new home of Arca Physiotherapy! We are thrilled to have a dedicated clinic for Gemma at Arca Physiotherapy, with room for expansion in the near future. Gemma has been an incredible addition to the gym over the years, offering on-site physiotherapy advice and treatment to members and non-members alike. With access to the gym floor and all its equipment, there are huge benefits to seeing a physio on site, and Gemma continues to help dozens of us overcome niggles and injuries with her wealthy of knowledge as a Physio and Coach. It wouldn’t be SCFIT without her!

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The ease of access! At SCFIT 2.0, due to the building layout, the physio room had to be located upstairs, but we’ve ensured it’s now more accessible than ever on the ground floor.

5. Social Area

We’ve added in a big table and stools for members to hang out before or after their class for a catch up with friends! It’s important to us that there is space for you to relax, or perhaps send a quick email if your train gets you in early, so this zone ticks all of those boxes. 

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The vending machine located in the social area, stocked with all your favourite Nocco flavours, water and snacks. Payment is contactless so it’s never been easier to grab yourself a drink before you hit your class.

And that (for now…!) are our front-of-house highlights and new additions. Watch this space, because we are always looking to improve, develop and grow, so there will no doubt be plenty more upgrades and new features coming your way in the near future!

Sound like a gym you’d like to be a part of? Get in touch to book your free No Sweat Intro! We are now taking on new members.

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