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What does our new COVID waiver look like?

When Birmingham was subject to tightened regulations in the wake of an increase in COVID cases and hospital admissions last week we responded instantly.

In the interests of keeping the leisure industry open and keeping as many people as possible safe when we first were allowed to reopen on July 25th we introduced an extra waiver. This waiver, along with our extended cleaning protocols, sought to make the health and safety of everyone connected with SCFIT a shared responsiblity.

After the tightening of regulations we immediately consulted our lawyer to ensure that everything we are doing is not only legally right but morally right, and then expanded our COVID specific waiver that all members must sign before attending anything at SCFIT.

All members have signed to confirm that they understand the following, and will abide by the terms set out:

  1. – Arrive to the gym with clean hands
  • – When you arrive we will be logging everyone’s temperature & asking COVID screening questions.
  • – Use the alcohol gel provided when you arrive, before you begin your session.  
  • – Please use the alcohol gel as frequently as you deem appropriate throughout your visit to the gym. 
  • – Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of your session or open gym slot.
  • – Please leave as timely as possible when you have finished your session. 
  • – If you have any COVID symptoms or a positive test, please stay away from the gym until 14 days have passed. 
  • – If anyone you live with or anyone you have had close contact with has any COVID symptoms or a positive test, please stay away from the gym until 14 days have passed. 
  • – If you have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace please follow the advice they give you and if this includes self isolating for 14 days please refrain from attending the gym. 
  • – If you have been on holiday abroad or to any areas in the UK that are local hotspots it is your responsibility to follow the government guidance. E.g. returning from places with quarantine measures in place. If you are in quarantine please do not attend the gym until 14 days have passed from your return. 
  • – Please maintain social distance (as per the government guidelines) from other members and staff during your visit. 
  • – Whilst it is not a requirement at this time for you to wear a face mask on site, please wear one if you want to. 
  • – If you know that you’re going to do a fair amount of sweating, please bring your own clean towel. 
  • – Please arrive in your workout gear where possible to minimise the use of the changing rooms. Changing rooms & toilets will be a “one in, one out” basis. 
  • – Listen to staff instructions regarding cleaning of equipment during and after classes so we can all work together to keep everyone as safe as possible. 
  • – Alcohol gel your hands after you have finished your class and before you leave the premises

We know that our members are feeling safe and secure when they come to SCFIT and we will continue to respond as best we can to the ever changing situation that the whole world is faced with. If you feel like you need to be part of somewhere that takes your health and safety seriously then please book a FREE No Sweat Intro today.

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