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Who should you copy?

If you copy what others are doing then you can reasonably expect to get similar results.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

But what if the people you’re imitating are getting it wrong? If you are busy copying the majority of people then you’ll probably end up looking and acting like they do.

What are the majority of people in the U.K. doing for their health and fitness?

The answer, unfortunately, is not enough. Body Mass Index is a number that is calculated by taking someone’s height and weight (regardless of their body composition). Whilst we totally understand the limitations of a measure like BMI to assess individuals, across a population it gains some validity. If you want to calculate your BMI then use this calculator.

Based on BMI statistics, 28.7% of adults in England are obese. A further 35.6% are overweight but not obese. That means that only 35.7% of the population are at either a healthy weight (or underweight).

It can be reasonably assumed that if you copy the majority of the population in terms of their exercise and eating habits you will probably end up adding to the 64.3%. Obesity is a serious problem for both the individual and the NHS, but the first step towards changing that is totally under your control – let’s help you start to become one of the minority.

If you have decided that you want to be different to the majority of people then that’s where we come in. We are always trying to help more people with their health and fitness – in the gym, through virtual training and through online nutrition coaching. When you’re ready to make a change to your health and fitness get in touch with us so that you can book a FREE No Sweat Intro

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