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What is the voice in your head telling you?

The voice in your head is more powerful than you think…

How many times have you started something but never really finished it?

How often has something become a bit difficult and your interest has faded away?

Are you guilty of rushing to find something new when you don’t make immediate progress?

It could all be tied to the voice in your head talking you out of things.

There is an ancient Japanese proverb that says:

“Do not speak bad of yourself.  For the warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them”

It is normal to find making changes to your body and life difficult – you are the sum of your life choices.  But if you talk badly about yourself then do you think you will make as much progress as if you believed in yourself?  

There will always be someone fitter, stronger or faster than you in the room (and if there isn’t then you probably need to find a new room!) but that shouldn’t dissuade you from focusing on what you can do and your own effort levels.

If you are guilty of talking negatively about you and your efforts, do you think that you’ll keep making an effort?  

If we take it out of your head and into the outside world, would you talk to someone else like you talk to yourself internally? 

How do you think they would respond to you?

How would you respond if someone else talked to you like you talk to yourself?

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